What is the capital of Switzerland? No, it’s not Zurich and it’s not Geneva. It’s Bern!

Bern is a compact and very beautiful historic place, built on a peninsula defined by the Aare River.

The Old Town of Bern, and the street between the landmark “Zytglogge” (Clock Tower) and the traditional bear pit have been proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

“Bern is big enough to offer everything the big city has to offer, but small enough so that you don’t lose your identity”. That’s the way Bob Zanotti describes the Swiss capital city and its rich cultural life, many restaurants and night spots, and endless shopping possibilities. Culturally, it’s an interface between German and French-speaking Switzerland.

On the 4th Monday of November every year it’s time for the traditional Onion Market, the day when the Bernese let their hair down for an ancient celebration that starts very early in the morning and ends very late in the evening. It was there that Bob Zanotti was joined by Bern Tourism’s Noelle Tscherrig.