Moral Rearmament – Initiatives of Change

The Germans and French found the basis of reconciliation here after the Second World War. The push for honest elections in Kenya started here. The South African Truth Commission was inspired by it. Work towards peace and reconciliation in Northern Ireland, Southern Africa, the Former Yugoslavia, and the Middle East were given impetus here, not to forget the issue of promoting corporate responsibility. The Dalai Lama has been here several times, as have scores of other outstanding personalities and world leaders.

This is Moral Rearmament, now also known today as “Initiatives of Change”. It’s a loose, worldwide coalition of people who want to make this world a better place. There are no membership cards and there is no central organization. But there is an international conference center where hundreds of highly motivated people gather every summer for a series of conferences that deal with the major issues of our time.

Welcome to Mountain House, that imposing former grand hotel in the tiny village of Caux, perched above Montreux on the Lake of Geneva. It has seen great personalities of the past. But since the 1930’s, it’s been the meeting place of visionaries whose ideas and idealism have helped changed the world – for the better.

Bob Zanotti went there and got a tour from an old friend.