Cheese Fondue Party

We sadly note that Bob Thomann passed away in August 2019. This item remains in his memory.

One of Switzerland’s all-time gastronomic specialties is cheese fondue. It not only tastes delicious, but also promotes a cozy, social atmosphere for those taking part, making it a winter and après-ski favorite, although it can be eaten anytime of the year.

Basically, a special mixture of Swiss cheeses is melted in a special pot for the purpose, together with white wine, garlic and spices. Potato or corn starch, as well as lemon juice are added for creaminess and consistency.

Once molten, the cheese is transferred in the pot from the stove to a special burner on the table, where everyone takes turns dipping cubes of bread into the mixture.

The classic accompaniment to cheese fondue is white wine or hot tea, and a small glass of cherry brandy called kirsch.

Bob Zanotti invited two old friends  – Bob Thomann and Peter Haller – for a cheese fondue party.

Join in the fun!

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