EDXC Conference in Lugano

Between November 1st and 4th, 2007 the European DX Council held its 40th anniversary conference in the southern Swiss city of Lugano. It was the second time the annual conference was held in Switzerland – the first time having been in Bern in 1981.

There were 31 participants in Lugano from 10 countries. Most of them were from Scandinavia. But France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Switzerland, the United States, and the UK were also represented.

Bob Zanotti was one of the invited speakers at the conference, representing The Two Bobs and Switzerland in Sound. After his presentation, he got together for a chat with EDXC veterans Anker Petersen of Denmark, Tibor Szilagyi of Sweden, Michael Murray of the UK, and with American shortwave broadcaster, Jeff White.

This is the only international audio coverage of the event!