Einstein in Bern

Einstein in Bern

Albert Einstein needs no introduction. Or maybe he does… because the man who is so closely identified with Princeton University in the United States was actually a naturalized Swiss citizen, who did his greatest work while living in the Swiss capital, Bern.

Young Einstein was a student at the renown Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich – the ETH – where he later taught. He also instructed at the University of Bern.

But the most important connection between Albert Einstein and Bern is the Special Theory of Relativity, which he formulated there in 1905 while working at the Swiss Patent Office, where his job was to examine ideas and devices that had been submitted for patenting.

Dr. Alan Held is a Canadian-born mathematician and physicist, now retired from the University of Bern. He’s made a special study of Albert Einstein and his work, and is well-informed about Einstein’s time in Bern.