Engelberg is in the canton (state) of Obwalden in central Switzerland. It’s just a one-hour trip by rail from Lucerne, or about 45 minutes by car. The Engelberg exit on the Lucerne-Gotthard highway is well marked.

Engelberg means “Angel Mountain”. As a matter of fact, the first tourists went there in the mid-1800’s to spend time in retreat at the famous Benedictine monastery, which is still there, and which still offers accommodation.

Despite its convenient location, much of the journey is through a narrow, rugged, wooded valley. It’s only as you arrive in Engelberg, itself, that the valley opens up, and you reach “civilization”.

Today, Engelberg is visited by people from all over the world. Although the majority still come from Switzerland, itself, the resort has long been a favorite with other informed Europeans, as well as British and American visitors. Engelberg is also a favorite with Indian visitors, who even have their own, specialized accommodation.

Engelberg is a year-round resort. First of all, the sheer beauty of the place is an attraction in itself. Walking, hiking and biking are favorite sports of long standing, as is mountaineering. There is also an 18-hole golf course. So-called “extreme sports” like bungee-jumping have become increasingly popular, especially among younger people. Skiing is king of the winter sports scene, with snowboarding a close second. Tobogganing is a very traditional Engelberg winter sport, and is enjoying a resurgence in popularity. There’s an historical tobogganing run that is well maintained.

A visit to Engelberg has to include a trip up to Mount Titlis, which is the highest peak in the region. It’s a four-stage cable car journey, the last part of which features the world’s first rotating gondola, offering a spectacular, 360-degree view to everyone. At the top, there’s a modern facility featuring a restaurant and shopping possibilities.

This part of Switzerland has a strong culinary tradition, and Swiss and regional specialties are featured in local restaurants.

Engelberg prides itself on its tradition of individual hospitality, and visitors of all ages and backgrounds feel at home here. Family-friendliness is the watchword.