Erich von Daeniken

Erich von Daeniken is the world’s most successful non-fiction author.  And he’s Swiss!

When he published his first book – Chariots of the Gods  – back in 1968, Erich von Daeniken was greeted with resistance, ridicule and even disdain by many of the orthodox scientific community. But over the years, his writings about extraordinary archaeological and other unexplained mysteries attracted more and more attention, to the point where today, even many scientists acknowledge Mr. von Daeniken as an expert in the field.

In May 2003, Erich von Daeniken opened a major theme park near Interlaken in the Bernese Oberland. Called Mystery Park, it depicted the best of the enigmas of antiquity as its centerpiece. Today, Mystery Park is called “Mystery World”, and is part of the Jungfrau Park complex, which also features a variety of shows and attractions about the region.

Bob Zanotti visited Erich von Daeniken in Interlaken for a chat when the Mystery Park idea was new. Ironically, Bob got his start in broadcasting by conducting talk shows on these very subjects back in New York in the 1960’s. They hit it off from the start!