IRRS Special From Saanen 1999

The Two Bobs/Swiss Shortwave Merry-Go-Round show ended after a 24-year run on Swiss Radio International in June 1994. Five years later, Bob Thomann and Bob Zanotti were invited by Nexus-Italian Radio Relay Service in Milan to make a guest appearance on their 10 kW shortwave station. At the time, IRRS transmitted from the outskirts of Milan using transmitters bought from the Swiss telecommunication transmission center at Schwarzenburg, which were also used by Bob Thomann when he was a supervisor at the aeronautical station Berna Radio.

For the occasion of this 28-minute-long special, The Two Bobs got together in the summer of 1999 for a nostalgic reunion at Bob Thomann’s annual glider camp in Saanen near Gstaad in the Bernese Oberland.