The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, Unesco, has added a famous Lake of Geneva wine-growing area to its list of World Heritage Sites.

The region in question is called “Lavaux”, and stretches 14 km (8.75 miles) between Lausanne and Vevey/Montreux. It’s unquestionably one of Switzerland most beautiful areas, with its terraced and walled vineyards between 375 and 600 meters (1200 – 2000 ft.) in altitude.

Lavaux has been a favorite subject for artists for generations. A spectacular view of the area can be had by train. One Swiss Federal Railways line runs above the vineyards near Lausanne, while another follows the lakeshore below, offering a view of the entire region. Another breath-taking view can be had from one of the many lake streamers that operate in the warmer months.

But not only is Lavaux beautiful; it also produces some of Switzerland’s best and most famous wines, most of which are white, and grown from the Chasslas grape. But there are also several reds and rosés, all of outstanding quality. As in other wine-growing parts of western Switzerland, the vineyards go back to Roman days. The wines take the names of the places where they are grown – among the best-known are Cully, Epesse, Saint-Saphorin, and Villette.

Lavaux is also known for its fine restaurants, and there is no shortage of them, many offering traditional Swiss, local and international specialties.

Accommodation within the Lavaux region, itself, is limited. But there are many places to stay in the nearby area.

This is one of Switzerland’s favorite places to visit. In a compact area, you have attractions that include the cantonal capital, Lausanne, the Castle of Chillon, and Monteaux, the heart of the Lake Geneva Riviera.