Lissa and Andrew

Lissa and Andrew are a Danish-British couple living in Aahus, Denmark. They are professional musicians, and also operate several other businesses, including a translation service and pottery atelier. Andrew is also a radio ham: OZ5E.

Back in 1994, Lissa and Andrew brought out a CD entitled “Seek You – The Ham Band”, which featured a collection of songs about ham radio, and which was featured on the Two Bobs’ show.

In 2006 – Lissa and Andrew released a musical video, in which they performed a new song, aimed at attracting newcomers to amateur radio. There have been other developments since.

In a one-hour chat with The Two Bobs, Lissa and Andrew talk about – and perform – their music, and also wax somewhat critical and philosophical about ham radio.

This is a very spontaneous, entertaining show!