Margo Kirtikar

Margo Kirtikar is Swiss, but was born in Baghdad, Iraq, and has an Indian and Syrian background too. She is a world traveler, and has lived in London and New York. At home near Montreux on the Lake of Geneva, Margo is a best-selling author, and is a spiritual psychoanalyst with a PhD in Metaphysics. She holds workshops, and coaches individuals and groups . One of Margo’s works is entitled “Once Upon a Time in Baghdad”, and tells the story of her youth in the Iraqi capital.

Margo Kirtikar believes profoundly in change as a natural law, and that trying to fight it has led to much of the trouble in our present world.  She is certain that a new world is in the making, and things are moving swiftly.

You could be forgiven for classifying Margo Kirtikar as a “New Ager”. But she objects to the term. Find out why.

Dr. Margo Kirtikar PhD