Margo Kirtikar

Margo Kirtikar, a good friend for many years, passed away at her home on Lake Geneva on December 15th, 2021. She was 82. Margo was a spiritual advisor and prolific writer about the metaphysical. She was terminally ill with cancer and planned a medically-assisted suicide to end her agony. This is legal in Switzerland. Exactly one month before her death, Margo Kirtikar spoke with me about her final book about the hereafter, and what we can expect when we make our transition from the physical to the astral world. See Features – Margo Kirtikar RIP.

Bob Zanotti December, 2021

Margo Kirtikar is Swiss, but was born in Baghdad, Iraq, and has an Indian and Syrian background too. She is a world traveler, and has lived in London and New York. At home near Montreux on the Lake of Geneva, Margo is a best-selling author, and is a spiritual psychoanalyst with a PhD in Metaphysics. She holds workshops, and coaches individuals and groups . One of Margo’s works is entitled “Once Upon a Time in Baghdad”, and tells the story of her youth in the Iraqi capital.

Margo Kirtikar believes profoundly in change as a natural law, and that trying to fight it has led to much of the trouble in our present world.  She is certain that a new world is in the making, and things are moving swiftly.

You could be forgiven for classifying Margo Kirtikar as a “New Ager”. But she objects to the term. Find out why.