New Bern USA

Bern is the capitol of the Swiss Confederation, and was founded in 1191. But there’s another Bern. This one is on the other side of the Atlantic and is called New Bern. It was founded in 1710 by a Bernese nobleman. New Bern is in the US state of North Carolina. But despite the distance, the two Berns maintain a close friendship. The local New Bern police cars even display the Bernese coast of arms, and the Bernese flag flies there as well.

New Bern is the home of Pepsi-Cola, and it has been visited by some distinguished writers like Jules Verne and Mark Twain, both of whom used New Bern as a venue for their writings.

Bob Zanotti got more about the fascinating story of New Bern from New Bern historian, Nelson McDaniel.