New Roots Vegan Cheese Products

In 2015, two young people in the Swiss town of Thun started a small company to produce plant-based or vegan cheese in Switzerland. Today, that company has grown to become a major player in the Swiss vegan food sector, supplying major Swiss supermarkets, as well as exporting to several countries including the UK.

The company is called New Roots. It’s located in the village of Oberdiessbach in the Emmental region east of the Swiss capital, Bern.

The vegan or “plant-based” lifestyle has soared in popularity and acceptance in Switzerland in recent years. Quite simply, strict vegans do not eat or use any animal-based products. What are the reasons? Is this a healthy lifestyle?

Bob Zanotti – himself a “99%” vegan – went down the road to Oberdiessbach for a chat with New Roots co-founder, Alice Fauconnet.

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