Switzerland by Postal Bus

In 1848 the Swiss Post Office inaugurated a mail and passenger transport service across the Gotthard Pass using horse-drawn coaches. Gradually, the network grew and in 1906 the motorized Swiss Postal Bus service was begun.

Those bright, clean yellow postal buses continue to carry mail and passengers on a dense, scheduled network that reaches the remotest parts of the country. The Swiss Postal Bus network, as it’s now called, is an integral part of the national public transport system, which means that its schedule is coordinated to provide convenient interconnection to other forms of public transport.

Swiss Postal Buses are included in the Swiss Pass ticket, offering unlimited use of most of Switzerland’s rail, bus and lake steamer lines.

In addition to the standard routes, there are postal bus excursions of special interest to tourists, featuring many of Switzerland’s classic mountain passes.

At Postal Bus headquarters in Interlaken in the Bernese Oberland, Bob Zanotti got the full story from Bruno Huggler.