Vintage Two Bob’s

In 1969 the format of The Swiss Shortwave Merry-Go-Round was changed. In place of the classic Bob Thomann, Pamela and Heidi trio, David Simmons became co-presenter. This lasted a few months until Bob Zanotti arrived on the scene in the spring of 1970. Being a radio ham himself, Bob Zanotti was brought together with Bob Thomann to co-host the MGR – a team and format that would last for 24 years, until the MGR went silent on June 4th, 1994. The Two Bobs format was essentially unscripted and spontaneous.

Here we offer the only known remaining recordings of a few of the original Two Bobs shows, mainly from the late 1980’s up till the very end in 1994.

Please note that the file “BZ’s Back Trouble” contains two editions of the MGR recorded at Bob Zanotti’s home in the Emmental. The file entitled “Saanen 1992” consists of five editions, each separated by 5 seconds of pause.