Wellness-Wellbeing Spas

The term “wellness” has become part of the modern European tourism vocabulary. Perhaps more accurately described as “wellbeing” in English, this contemporary buzzword reflects a growing demand for relaxation and recuperation from the rigors of stressful modern life. And the best thing is: it works!

In some parts of the world there has been an explosion in the growth of new spas in recent years, many if not most focused on the women’s beauty market.

But the spa tradition in Switzerland goes back much further – to the days of the ancient Romans, as a matter of fact. They say that the Romans did two things first, wherever they settled: plant grapes and build a public bath.

Switzerland has a large number of very well established resorts featuring traditional and modern spa facilities and related services – including beauty centers and physiotherapy. As a matter of fact, spa-based treatments for rheumatic diseases, physical injuries and back ailments are so successful that the costs are usually covered by most Swiss health insurance plans – at least for those patients who are insured here.

A great plus to the Swiss spa scene is the fact that virtually all of these destinations offer very reasonably-priced public facilities, not connected to any hotels, and not requiring any membership.

The cantons (states) of Valais and Graubünden (Grisons)  are most famous in this respect, but excellent spa facilities are also to be found in other parts of the country.

The Swiss national tourism advocate, Switzerland Tourism, has a webpage devoted to the subject. Check their website at www.myswitzerland.com, and just type in the word “wellness” in the search window.