Zurich Airport Orchestra

Sometimes, disasters can lead to something constructive. Such was the case back in 2003 when Switzerland and the world were shocked by the news that the Swiss national airline, Swissair, had gone bankrupt and was consequently grounded. This was not only a national embarrassment, but also a stunning shock to the hundreds of people who worked at Zurich Airport, the Swissair headquarters. Fortunately, that crisis is long over thanks to the creation of the new national air carrier, Swiss, albeit under the ownership of the German national airline, Lufthansa.

Also on the brighter side, one of the positive things that emerged from the Swissair crisis was the creation of the Zurich Airport Orchestra – Big Band. The idea was simple: music makes you feel good and is good therapy when you’re down and out.

The Zurich Airport Orchestra – Big Band is still going and has even produced a CD called “DESTINATION – BIG BAND”.

Bob Zanotti got the whole story from Orchestra co-founder and Zurich Airport administrator, Urs Brütsch.