The Two Bobs and Ian McFarland

The name Ian McFarland will need no introduction to most international radio enthusiasts, because he was the founder and host of the legendary, top-rated DX/SWL Digest on Radio Canada International, which ran for decades. After retiring from RCI in 1991, Ian joined the English Service of Radio Japan in Tokyo for a two-year stint.

Back in his native Montreal, Ian and his late wife, Mary, decided they had gone through enough Quebec winters, and moved to an idyllic and much milder spot on the water near Vancouver, BC.

During his international radio career, Ian McFarland organized several major SWL and broadcaster meetings, and was active in club life and charity work, which he still carries on.

From as far back as the 1970’s, there was a unique cooperation between The SWL Digest and the Swiss Shortwave Merry-Go-Round, and Ian McFarland and The Two Bobs became close professional and personal friends.

Thanks to Skype Internet technology, the three got together for a conference call to look back, update the present, and discuss Ian’s latest project at the time: a 2-CD set of interval signals and ID’s of 168 radio stations, many of which no longer exist. In a later development, Ian also offered a CD containing some of the most outstanding editions of The SWL Digest, featuring a number of leading personalities in the field.

These collector’s items were available at attractive prices, with the proceeds going to charity. More at the link below.