About Us

For 32 years, I had the pleasure-filled privilege of reporting on Switzerland for a worldwide audience via shortwave radio. It was my job to know Switzerland and what goes on here, and report it to the world. That is what Switzerland in Sound is all about.

Switzerland is a beautiful place, which is an attraction in itself. But there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. Because of its multilingual and multicultural nature, Switzerland is a country of great contrast and diversity. Switzerland in Sound offers you ideas and insights that we hope will help you in understanding this country and making plans for your visit here.

Switzerland is also a nation that has played, and continues to play, a major role in business and industry, science and technology, international affairs and culture. There is far more to Switzerland than “cowbells, chocolate and cheese”.

Founded in 1291, Switzerland is one of the world’s oldest democracies, whose system of federalism and direct democracy served as an inspiration for others. This is the home of the Red Cross, the European headquarters of the United Nations and most of its specialized agencies, and numerous other international organizations. It is also the home of many talented and interesting people.

But it is not our mission to focus only on the brighter side of Swiss life. This country, like all others, has its problems, and faces modern challenges. Switzerland is not perfect, and we do not cover up the blemishes. We try to show Switzerland as it really is.

Switzerland in Sound is a multimedia platform with the emphasis on audio. Or as I prefer to think of it: “radio on demand”. Painting pictures in sound is what I do best, and also what I enjoy doing the most.


Please join us, and experience “Switzerland in Sound”!


Bob Zanotti

Founder and Editor

Nationality: Swiss

Political Affiliation: None

Professional Affiliation: SSM 4320 (Redaktor BR)