The Two Bobs and Jeff White

This recording was made in August 2010. Since then, WRMI has expanded and enlarged its transmitting facility in Florida to high power. HCJB shortwave in Ecuador no longer exists. As is the case with some other items on SIS, this discussion may contain information which is no longer completely timely. This is to be regarded as a sound and historical document and not a current reference source.

Bob Thomann and Bob Zanotti were friends with Jeff White for decades. Jeff started out as a shortwave listener, and then got into HF broadcasting himself, originally with a project called Radio Earth, and then later as the owner and operator of WRMI (Radio Miami International) in Florida. He has also served as president of the US-based National Association of Shortwave Broadcasters (NASB).

In August 2010 Jeff White was in Switzerland for a meeting of the High Frequency Coordinating Committee (HFCC), which he organized, and he took the opportunity to pay a visit to Bob Zanotti in the Emmental. Bob Thomann joined them for a one-hour chat about the HFCC and the future of HF broadcasting.