Billy Meier

In the field of ufology – that is, the study of Unidentified Flying Objects or “flying saucers” – few enjoy the international fame of Billy Meier, a former French Foreign Legionnaire and world traveler, who lives on his farm in the rural Turbental region north of Zurich.

Born in the Zurich suburb of Bülach in 1937, Eduard “Billy” Meier says he has been seeing flying saucers since 1942. Over the years he claims to have had regular personal contacts with UFOs and extraterrestrials who have visited him at short notice.

Billy Meier is a controversial figure in ufology, with supporters and detractors equally convinced of their position. For many, Mr. Meier’s excellent quality photographs of UFOs around his farm in Turbental are proof of his claims. For skeptics, his photographs, contact stories and prophecies are sophisticated fakes.

Bob Zanotti has been interested in UFOs since he was a teenager, and used to host a New York radio show about them and other paranormal subjects back in the 1960’s.

At the request of ufologist friends, Bob was able to get Billy Meier to agree to an exclusive and very rare interview in English back in 1982, which took place on Billy Meier’s farm. Bob spent considerable time talking with Mr. Meier in Swiss-German to prepare him for the recording. Although the interview required a great deal of editing to cut out translation and coaching remarks made during the recording, Billy Meier’s story and message in English are intact.

In this unique interview, Billy Meier discusses his personal background and UFO contacts, the purpose of the extraterrestrials’ mission, the nature of true religion, and his prediction about World War Three.

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Billy Meier