Claude Weiss

Astrology has been around for millennia, and has been practiced in different parts of the world. Many people turn to astrology to have a glimpse of what the future might hold in store, while others are interested in learning more about their personal strengths, weaknesses and talents.

Professional astrologers take their work very seriously, and even consider it to be a science. In fact, they say there is mounting scientific evidence to support astrology, and that it is finding increasing application in business and industry, politics, and even medicine. In recent years, psychology has become part of serious astrological training and practice, and is important in the accurate interpretation of astrological data.

Claude Weiss is a Swiss astrologer. He studied classic astrology in India, but back home in Switzerland, he introduced computer technology to take over the job of drawing up standard charts, and producing highly detailed reports about the individual, based on essential information like gender, and exact time and place of birth . But, says Claude Weiss, the final interpretation still has to be done by the professional astrologer together with the client.

Bob Zanotti chatted with him in Zurich, where Bob also got an interpretation of his own chart. (German, but correspondence and consultation possible in English and French)

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