Has The New Age Arrived?

Margo Kirtikar, a good friend for many years, passed away at her home on Lake Geneva on December 15th, 2021. She was 82. Margo was a spiritual advisor and prolific writer about the metaphysical. She was terminally ill with cancer and planned a medically-assisted suicide to end her agony. This is legal in Switzerland. Exactly one month before her death, Margo Kirtikar spoke with me about her final book about the hereafter, and what we can expect when we make our transition from the physical to the astral world. See Features – Margo Kirtikar RIP.

Bob Zanotti December, 2021

Judging from a typical newscast, the world today is not in good shape. Hardly a day goes by without reports of scandals, wars, terrorism, hatred, intolerance, greed, stupidity, ignorance, fear and suffering.

So what has happened to a “New Age”, a “Golden Age”, or “The Age of Aquarius” that were promised by the spiritual growth movements of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s?

Swiss spiritual counselor, Dr. Margo Kirtikar (PhD in Metaphysics), has been following events too, but she’s not at all surprised by this current dark period, which she sees as part of a process of spiritual and social evolution.

In a previous discussion, Margo talked about things getting worse before they got better, as part of the evolutionary process. So does this mean that the New Age is actually here, or at least close at hand?

Bob Zanotti talked with Margo Kirtikar about that and related issues.

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