Young Hoteliers Summit

Switzerland has a long and distinguished reputation for the quality of its hotel and hospitality industry. This is why so many young people wanting to prepare for a career in that field come to Switzerland for formal studies.

The oldest Swiss hotel and hospitality school is the EHL Hospitality Business School near Lausanne. Back in 2010, five students there launched what they called the Young Hoteliers Summit, which has become a regular annual event, bringing together students and experienced professionals for lectures and practical dialogue.

The latest Summit was held in March, with the theme being “Breaking Through the Tide”, referring to the many waves of the Covid pandemic. The focus was on the economic, social and environmental consequences, and how hospitality industry leaders have had to rethink and rejuvenate the field as a result. See the YHS link below.

Bob Zanotti spoke with three of the core organizers of the Young Hoteliers Summit for more on the background to the event.

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Carly Wen

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Shreepriya Sarawgi

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Megan Tang